OMAT is a community of business development by several non-competing businesses, part or all of their export activity on the African markets / middle East and Latin America

Our goal is to develop projects in cooperation and economic activity of member companies to these areas through activities such as:

  • the sale of manufactured goods and industrial equipment and civilian defense

  •  joint production

  • sale and centralized purchasing

  • engineering

Our concerted export system and the effect of synergies resulting from the pooling of resources, can improve the exploration and representation of the various member firms of the countries of the described areas.

This includes:

  • Research and pooling information

  • Conducting market research

  • Centralized prospecting

  • The response to tenders and to local demands as far as the skills and specialties of each

  • Dispatching requirements and referral information to non-member French companies if OMAT can not answer

Finally, OMAT is a skills association whose members are experienced specialists in export and specifically on this sector.

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