RENAULT VBC 90 F4 . Avalaible : 27

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These armored vehicles are a good opportunity to acquire an excellent combat vehicle for the following reasons: They are in excellent condition and technically adapted to the region. Their proven technology and reliable low-maintenance operation. The 90 mm gun which the team is used by many foreign forces and the French army on overseas operations, [...]

PANHARD AML (Auto Light Machine Gun) . Avalaible : 80

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A large stock of these robust vehicles for sale. The state level is 1 to 5 * .All these vehicles are stored away in a shed (see photo). Different versions are available: • AML 60: 1 60mm mortar breech and a 7.62mm machine gun • AML 60 HE 60-7: 1 mortar 60mm breech and 2 [...]

ACMAT SM 420 4X4 Troops transport – Available : 3

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Three copies of this excellent truck which is popular with African militaries are for sale. These SM 420 are provided in level 4. The paint has been redone in color desert, which is an excellent support to apply any type of camouflage thereafter. These vehicles can be assigned to different uses and are an excellent [...]