We have the ability to offer a wide range of defense equipment and accessories.

These materials can be:

  • Brand new
  • New condition from stocks (new)
  • Refurbished
  • Second hand
  • To repair or for providing spare parts

Provide a list of these devices and their characteristics would be a tedious task that would take a long time. This is why if you identify a request we would like you to provide us an overview of the urgent needs of your end customer.

However, depending on the required logistics, we are able to offer you equipment suited to the projected mission and conform to the local theater.

At your request, we can go in the country to establish local users with expertise that will enable us to present a consistent range of materials. This visit, if made, will be subject to a written agreement of confidentiality.

It is also possible to provide you with materials donated by the French Army. This option has many advantages, the main one is the attractive price for a good quality material. Note that the material from the Disposals Office is not the same as the material “reformed” become obsolete auctioned by Fields. OMAT can assist you in purchasing these materials and ensure the transfer of the military camp where they are stored in France to your devices.

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